Simon C. Estok

English 5136: Renaissance Self-Fashioning

English 2005: History of English Literature 1
English 5211: Ecocritical Theory: Topics and Theories
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Stephen Greenblatt

Slander, Renaissance Discourses of Sodomy, and Othello

Fashioning Freedom for Shakspeare: Stephen Greenblatt and the Existentialist Power of Literature

Identity and Power in Tudor England: Stephen Greenblatt, Renaissance Self-Fashioning from More to Shakespeare

Is Literary History the History of Everything? The Case for "Antiquarian" History

Sexual and Social Mobility in the Duchess of Malfi

Defining/Confining the Duchess: Negotiating the Female Body in John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi

The Severed Hand in Webster's Duchess of Malfi

Presentism, Walter Benjamin, and the Search for Meaning in King Lear

The State of the Green: A Review Essay on Shakespearean Ecocriticism

Are We Being Historical Yet?

This is the Thing

Listening to the Past

Accessorizing King Lear in the Anthropocene

History and Literature After the New Historicism

Doctor Faustus Tragedy of Individualism