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English 2006: History of English Literature 2
GEDH 103 Climate Change and the Humanities
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Welcome to English 3036-01 
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This course looks at the short story as a genre.   We start out with a definition of the short story.   For this definition, we need to know a little bit about the five main elements of short stories: plot, theme, character, setting, and atmosphere (mood).   Usually, one of these five main elements predominates in a short story; therefore, we will quickly move into stories that offer good examples of each of the main elements of short stories.   We will also look at ways that point of view (narrative method) determines and shapes the elements of short stories.

            In addition to the structural elements of short stories, we will also be looking at important social issues in many of the stories, and we will apply the appropriate critical approaches for these stories.   For instance, when reading stories from Joseph Conrad and Alice Walker, we will gather insights about “race” from a largely post-colonial theoretical perspective.   When reading about gender, of course, we will get what we can from the findings of feminist literary theory.   Often, critical approaches such as feminist literary theory and post-colonial theory overlap, which means that we will often be using more than one theoretical approach.

            Finally, as well as offering instruction about the structural and political elements of short stories, we will, hopefully, have fun.   After all, we are reading stories, and all people everywhere tell stories.   Two strangers in a room don’t stay quiet for long.   People love telling stories.   People also love listening to stories.   The structural and political analyses of the stories that we will make while reading in this course will help us to enjoy what are indeed classic and interesting stories. 

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